Types of Touch Screen Monitors

The Different Models of Touch Screens

As of this moment, there are a few different types of touch screen models currently available.

They are:

  • All-in-one touch screens – this is a personal computer that you can use from the comfort of your own home
  • Touch screen kiosks – these kiosks are perfect for commercial organizations that can incorporate them into their company.
  • Podium touch screens – this is the perfect type of screen for a presentation or if you’re trying to share information with groups of people.
  • Touch screen monitors – these monitors are invaluable to business owners. You can bring your monitor wherever you need to go if it is portable, or you can display the monitor within your company for the benefit of customers and employees alike.
  • The Different Types of Touch Screen Technology

The types of touch screen technology include:

  • Resistive touch screens – these versatile screens are the most popular type of touch screen technology currently available today.
  • Capacitive touch screens – these screens are very durable, and they are usually the most resistant to contaminants and other potential harmful items.
  • Surface acoustic wave touch screens – unfortunately, this type of screen can suffer from easy damage from contaminants that will make it hard to function.
  • Infrared touch screens – although sometimes slow to respond, they are the most durable screens around today.

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